Mediation and ADR services – an alternative approach to Court


Mediation is the process of attempting to resolve disputes in a cost effective manner that enables the parties to work out a solution that they can live with and continue their activities without the time and cost associated with a court trial.  It can cover commercial, employment, family and neighbourhood situations and has been known to be used in ethnic problems as well.  The mediator does not impose an answer but helps the parties reach a settlement.

We have a number of experienced accredited mediators who have conducted mediations between parties in a variety of situations. We have also assisted clients by attending to quantum aspects during negotiations.  Our speciality is in being able to interpret the accounting information relevant to many commercial, negligence and personal injury claims.

Recent cases have included helping to resolve disagreements on the terms of settlement in business sales, partnership dissolutions, boundary encroachment, professional negligence claims and probate/estate management effects.

ADR – Other services

ADR services incorporates arbitration, adjudication and expert determination. Whilst our team includes arbitrators, we tend to concentrate on expert determinations since we also have people on the ICAEW Presidential Appointments Panel (this system is initiated when parties cannot agree).

Expert determination work usually revolves around business valuations, frequently when a director dies unexpectedly and the remaining shareholders have to buy out the family of the deceased.  However we have also dealt with disputes involving insurance and profitability if arguments arise about charging of expenses.  We have been instructed in cases where other accountancy firms felt it was inappropriate for them to act for their clients even if the company articles of association were drafted to make them the preferred determinators.

If you would like to discuss how we can help or for more information please contact your local office.

If you would like to discuss how we can help or for more information please contact your local office.