Counting the cost of Commercial Disputes

Commercial disputes arise out of a wide variety of business relationships as well as intellectual property rights.

The team at HW Forensic Accountants are able to apply their analytical and financial skills to report on the financial aspect of such disputes.

Recent cases undertaken by the team have involved wrongful trading, trading relationships, business sale and purchase, insurance, construction, sports law, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes, banking and lending, aquaculture, agriculture and fisheries.

Summary of our services

  • Assessment of economic loss
  • Assessment of the loss following a breach of IP rights or licence agreements
  • Assessment of loss following business interruption or ‘catastrophic’ event
  • Aspects of due diligence work in connection with IP rights;
  • Disputes involving agriculture, aquaculture and fisheries, and financial services
  • Disputes in relation to breach of contract
  • Insolvency including wrongful trading

Mediation and expert determination

We can also help by acting as mediators or expert determiners in this type of case – please see the mediation section for more information.

Our typical information requirements:

All commercial cases are unique – please contact a member of the team to discuss what material may be available to us in preparing our report.

If you would like to discuss how we can help or for more information please contact your local office.